We are a company specialized in providing business solutions for advice, financing, Brokerage and Commercial Representation to entities worldwide making a business diagnosis of the operational, financial, commercial, logistic and human aspects to determine which is the best purchase strategy or financing to follow that will help them to improve their commercial situation considerably.

Financial Aspect: We carry out an exhaustive analysis of the audited financial statements that companies have at the end of the year to see how their development was throughout the year.

Operational Aspect: We analyze all the processes and procedures implemented based on the problem for which we have been contacted. It proceeds to analyze all existing procedures applied and implemented to see in which stage delays are being presented or why in the case that it was a plant producing a good it does not perform according to the expected parameters.

Commercial aspect within the global portfolio of clients that we have and represent, we complement the client to the buyer client, with the conditions of both represented, creating a perfect commercial platform.

Logistical aspect with our vast experience in import and export worldwide and with the group that we have developed with international level firms, our commercial platform gives an image of logistic perfection that gives the product and process the professional touch.

Human Aspect: A very important factor in the day to day operations of any company is the human potential it has, so within the operational aspect mentioned above we will analyze each factor involved from the personal aspect, understand what is happening the company internally and why this may be undermining its performance.

Representative Aspect: with our International presence through our offices in Asia, Europe, North America, Central America and South America, we offer that personal touch to our clients to be in meetings of commercial treaties, brokerage representation, financial or banking representation in person anywhere in the world that is necessary.

Dubai Office

Our company has a highly trained human group, we are a group of people, visionaries and dreamers who seek to provide the customer with a superior satisfaction by understanding their needs requirements to find buyers for your product or product for the needs of the buyer, and also provide financial solutions that improve the situation in which they find themselves.

We are an International Brokerage Representing Company and a specialized management consultancy that interacts with the client on a day-to-day basis, developing strategic financial, operational and human management plans that allow us to find critical points from the first week of work.


Based on the aforementioned aspects determine which is the best solution to help the company leave the position in which it is and develop to its maximum potential. If you are going through a problem of economic insolvency we offer products that give a quick injection of liquidity putting it back on track. If you have an operational deficiency related to the production of a good or service within this analysis, you will address the deficiencies of the current system, identifying the poor quality of receipt (receipt) of items (or service orders), your inventory (availability), control and the dispatch or exit of the same.

With the human aspect that is as important as it is delicate, we will handle it with a specialized psychologists office that will help us to deal with the issue. We believe that communication is the faculty that the living being has to transmit to others, information, feelings and experiences, so that each word reflects each experience that will help us to understand, we have focused on the aforementioned operative processes in order to improve the performance of them.

With the aspect of International representation and Brokerage, to make the company feel able to approach the countries of the world and feel it in the palm of their hand conjugated with the different possibilities that we can potentially find in their available market.

We want to position our products around the financial and advisory market with a series of innovative products that help companies to get out of the bad situation in which they find themselves, strengthening it and putting it back on track. We want to change the corporate philosophy on how companies are currently managed, incorporating concepts that improve the development of the aforementioned aspects.


Global Investments Group S.A.C is a Brokerage company and consultancy specialized in issues of purchase and sale of products and financial and operational services that is dedicated to giving and providing help to companies that are not in an optimal financial situation. We are promoters that improvements should start by analyzing four essential pillars in any organization: Person, Process, Product and Representation.

Person: Human capital is fundamental for the good performance of the organization, therefore to have large processes we must have people aligned and focused on the objectives of the organization that feel supported

Process: All the processes must be structured making an analysis of all the operations, taking into account the useful ones and understanding which ones can be merged or eliminated so that the process can have a greater operational fluidity.

Product: Our product portfolio is well defined so that we can offer the various business solutions that we offer in the clearest, most concise and without any inconvenience.

Representation: through our presence in four continents, we have that portfolio of clients and buyers that makes it more accessible to companies to close sale deals from 6 to 8 USD figures