Complete Program Financing.

As Mine owner/Seller direct End Seller to END Buyer Services.

Since we use our own financial resources, discounted prices to destination.

Development of a program that give buyer and seller the security need it to make a successful transaction.

The development of a financial instrument SBLC MT760, MT700, MT103.Through our own banks at a discounted and affordable price.

The development of Line of credit through MT760 for the purchase of an entire program of 12, 24, 36 months.

Location of Buyer / seller of products and services.

Alignment of product / buyer.

Buyer Alignment with Interactional Shopping Tool to the product in search.

Location of stock and price in real time of product in need.

Analysis and recommendation of purchase investment with prices in favor of the buyer or seller within the following 12 months.

  • Loan Financing.
    We offer innovative solutions that help companie that are in an economic insolvency that make them unable to comply with their obligations as financial institutions (banks). They benefit both the lender and the person who incurred the loan. We intervene giving an injection of liquid capital erasing all the debt it has with the entity and facilitating the payment of interest only for a maximum term of up to 7 years at an annual ratemuch lower than that banks in various parts of the world offer so that the debtor can meet these obligations in the short term and the bank can once again have the liquid capital and generate again profitability.
  • Training of human potential (Performance evaluations and GtD training)
    We take care of making a personalized psychological evaluation that allows identifying each person in the production chain as a person and analyzing whether their personal performance or not is associated with the overall process performance. From the human point of view we make ourselves known as people who, by giving us their thoughts, will help them within our reach how to solve it.

    If the issue passes through a training factor, ie when they joined the company did not have a correct induction or someone in charge did not do it correctly we will examine the techniques with which they develop their work by work station and we will analyze how they could develop them even better without the need for unnecessary actions that result in delays.
  • Business Diagnosis (improvement of processes and procedures)
    The objective that we have as company is to focus efforts and energies towards effective measures or solutions. We emphasize operational, financial and human aspects that comprehensively understand all
    the operational areas of the company’s areas. It is developed with the objective of knowing the current situation of an organization and the problems that impede its growth, survival or development.
  • Advice for concession projects
    It will be sought that the client find in us an endorsement that allows him to get ahead providing a specialized service backed with a human aspect that of the security entrepreneurs that coming to us will have a helping hand that helps them to get ahead, besides innovating the market with a portfolio of products that solve the inconveniences for which the company is going.