Personal information:

“Enjoys on his free time to Play Soccer, do some biking when that happens, going to the Gym, Cooking a Good Barbecue, Family grown on doing Peruvian Ceviches,loves to go to good restaurants and nice Hotels.While traveling loves to read on great Historical and Contemporary Leaders Like Nelson Mandela, John F.Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Franklyn Delano Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Simon Bolivar, Einstein, etc.”

Fabricio Fabiani Gonzales


His has been the CEO of this Conglomerate transnational corporation for more than 15 years.

Projects in development with the company:

Has travel around the World and made parneships with associates companies in 71 countries, in 28 commodities till January 2022.
Has partnership with Financial Banking Corporation as PT BANK NEGARA INDONESIA BNI, WESTPAC BANK IN AUSTRALIA, LIUMI BANK OF NEW YORK, ATLAS BANK OF PANAMA, among others on credit lines hitting above 500Million usd.
He has evolved on staying close to their partnership on mine concession delegated by countries like Mexico, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Zambia, DRC, Tanzania on more than 81 mines among Copper Ore, Manganese ore, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Gold Ore, Lithium, Molibden, Zinc, Tin, etc.

Professional life before GIG:

Co-creador of a waterproof Membrane with stucco usage on residential facade. Experienced on Eartquake retrofit on Historical Buildings.Designer of Low Income Residential Unit 100% Green Materials and Recycled Materials. Experience as an International trade for over 22 years, working on a partnership which has been in the trade of importing /exporting commodities since the 70s.


Representante Aduanero Agencia aduana Tecnología y Logística Comercial

Raymond owyang

Partner Investor
Vice President.of International Business for GLOBAL INVESTMENTS ARICOR GROUP USA- ASIA Department.


Restaurantor,, owner of the New Sun Hong Kong Restaurant in Chinatown San Francisco California .
Owner of Lock In Inc.
Owner of the Evergreen Hotel.

Personal information:

I enjoy reading fiction and spiritual development novels. Among my favorite authors are Paulo Coelho, Dan Brown and Juan José Benítez. My favorite books would be “The Alchemist and The Pilgrim of Compostela” by Paulo Coelho, “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown, “The Trojan Horse” by J.J. Benitez and “Juan Salvador Gaviota” by Richard D. Bach. I enjoy playing pool with friends, I like to travel and learn about new cultures, I love foreign languages, personally I speak English, I understand a little French and Italian. I love Chinese food and traditional Japanese food. I enjoy walking either as an exercise or as a therapy. I enjoy meditation and weight training. I practice the discipline of archery and swimming once.

Ronaldo Antonio Castillo Flores

Architect by profession, graduated from the National University of Engineering and with specialties in “Urban and Architectural Heritage” and “Bioclimatic Architecture”. He studied in Japan on “Wastewater Management and Treatment”.

Projects in development with the company:

Preliminary Architectural Design and Overall Plan of the Specialty Clinic, 3D design of the Tomography Module of the Medical Clinic.

Professional life before GIG:

His experience is not only limited to private architectural design and construction projects, but he also has experience in the municipal professional field. He participated in modernization and reengineering processes in the Granada Municipal Mayor’s Office, where I worked in different areas and positions. In this institution the first position of responsibility was Head of the Urban Control Office and his last position was Head of Project Formulation and Evaluation for the Municipal Planning Office. He has also acquired experience in Topography in planimetric and altimetric surveys of roads and streets, surveys of closed polygonal and contour lines, design of terraces, subdivisions and urbanizations, earthworks and transfers of levels.

Deyanira Francis Valerio Pacheco

Civil Engineer graduated from the National University of Engineering UNI of Nicaragua.

General Deputy Director of the company Global Investments Aricor Group, in charge of the legal department of said company.

Projects in development with the company:

Currently, a new program is being worked on within the company, which is to carry out social works for people who need it in the city of Diriamba in the department of Carazo, Nicaragua.

Professional life before GIG:

USA I work under supervision in construction projects with the company FTM CONSTRUCTION in remodeling and construction works in housing units for low-income people, USA HUD, State of California and Social Housing Development PROGRAMS of the Municipality of San Francisco. In addition, I develop projects with the Non Profit Organizations of the Tenderloin San Francisco and the Chinese Community Housung Corporation.

Personal information:

“I like to do charity work, either with people or animals that need it, I like to stay fit, I like to read books based on real events, I read several books about the war in Nicaragua. I would like to finish knowing the 7 wonders of the world, since I only know 1, Chichén Itzá, I would like to go to Greece Santorini and I would also like to know Jerusalem.

Personal information:

“I would love to be in Brazil, even for a few days. I want to leave my children prepared for life. I want to be able to return in a gratifying way the good behavior that people have had with me. And above all, I intend to meet all my goals.

former national women’s soccer player, lover of the colors of her favorite team to which she belonged as a player and today she cheers from the stands with passion.”

Yadira Daniela Jirón Valerio

Graduated in Tourism and Hotel Administration from the UNAN of Nicaragua and International Relations.

Executive assistant of the company Global Investment Aricor Group and Carpe Diem Marketing.

Projects in development with the company:

Look for certified suppliers and ensure the quality of the product that is being offered to the company. Research of companies postulated to negotiate with them.

Professional life before GIG:

Owner of a supply store for celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, etc. Sales executive at Land Rover company. Sales executive in a Costa Rican company called Fructis.

Personal information:

“I always like to stay physically active, I go to the gym 5 times a week, and whenever I have free time I practice soccer with my old college team, I grew up in a very Christian family, I go to church and belong to the worship team, during the week I play either the piano or guitar, which I enjoy very much, as well as I practice I like to teach it on Sundays to the kids at church.”

Sindy Lawrence García Sánchez

Graduated in professional English from Keisser University, currently works as Administrative Assistant and is responsible for the translation of internal and external documents.

Projects in development with the company:

As an administrative assistant:

Answering and routing phone calls

Organize and schedule appointments

Plan meetings and write detailed minutes

Write and distribute email, correspondence notes, letters, faxes and forms

Assist in the preparation of regularly scheduled reports

Prepare daily reports

Prepare timekeeping

Drafting DD (Duo Diligence)

As a translator:

Translation of written information

Verbal translation

Assisting and accompanying General Management

Personal information:

“I love to sing, dance and play the guitar.
I like to design and read: My favorite book is: CIEN AÑOS DE SOLEDAD, Novel: “Gabriel García Márquez”.
Life philosophy: “When you do things with love, you become an unreachable sweet being”. I consider myself a respectful simple and super cheerful person,
My favorite sports: Soccer and Volleyball.
I enjoy my free time with my Play Station to de-stress”.

Geisell Gabriela Reyes Pérez

Legal Counsel at GIG

Lawyer and Notary Public

Specialist in civil, registry and notarial matters.

Authorized to Register and Celebrate Marriage

Administrative and Legal Management

Projects in development with the company:

Coordinate workflow with company members.
Business Formation and Business Formation Advisories
Development and Review of Contracts/Investor Agreements
Handling of Internal and External Processes with other Law Firms
Issuing legal reports for the different areas of the company.

Professional life before GIG:

Freelance Work at REYES & ASOCIADOS Law Firm.
Executive Secretary of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce (MIFIC) – MANAGUA.

Personal information:

“I am a lover of knowledge, I like to learn new things every day, I consider myself sociable and helpful, I like all sports but my favorite is soccer, rather than going out I like to watch a series or read a good book”.

Jhon Josefath Velasquez Acevedo

IT Manager,

Licentiate in Computer Science.

UNEH Nicaraguan University of Humanistic Studies.

Projects in development with the company:

Providing assistance to personnel.

Design, development, administration and implementation of information systems.

Maintain the security of the communications network.

Manage database services, both hardware and software. Backup information.

Ensure the preventive and corrective maintenance of the basic hardware and software of the Labor Directorate.

Professional life before GIG:

He worked for the collection services company S.A. in which he performed different functions, he was a collection agent, customer service agent, analyst, technical support and also worked as technical support for the company DIGESA.

Personal information:

“I would like to get to know Greece for its culture and I consider myself a lover of Greek mythology. I would also like to practice extreme activities such as canopy, skydiving, among others. I like to have a connection with nature, therefore, I like to go camping and hiking. I like spending time with family.”

Álvaro Daniel Cárdenas Jirón

Is a Marketing student at the Universidad Centro Americana UCA.

Intern at the company Carpe Diem Marketing with the position in the marketing area of ​​said company.

Projects in development with the company:

Conduct market research
Manage social networks and website as well as design content.
Evaluate areas and characteristics of the company by means of marketing indicators.
Evaluate projects within the marketing environment
Design advertising campaigns

Professional life before GIG:

I work in the company SOS Medical as a marketing assistant, I worked in a team to carry out market research, digital marketing plan and present plans for production optimization and revenue increase.

Personal information:

“Married from the city of Diriamba, I love horseback riding and as a young man like all good diriambino practice soccer. At this stage of my life is already more homey in the company of family and friends, travel to the sea where you breathe an air of peace and tranquility, weekends watch a good movie and in season Fut matches of the Spanish League”.

Jorge Luis Baltodano Gutiérrez

Has a degree in Economics from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua. He is currently in charge of Project Coordination at GIG.

Projects in development with the company:

Development projects at national level in the area of medicine with the assembly of a first level Human Medicine Laboratory in the city of Diriamba, development of a tourism project in Finca Los Chiles in the municipality of San Rafael del Sur, development of an urban project in Diriamba. Mining project in Mexico, exploitation and sale of copper, monitoring and supervision of the entire production process, logistics and sales.

Professional life before GIG:

Sales Manager at DISMEDICAL

Sales Manager F2 at DIINSA

Consumer Sales Coordinator III and later Brand Manager at Dicegsa

Nestlé Nutrition Sales Coordinator at Nestlé Nicaragua.

Country Supervisor of the Gerber brand (Country Manager) at Novartis Consumer Health.

National Administrator in CEDEPER Project of the European Union.

Personal information:

“Proactive, timely, nature lover as such, focused on giving opportunities and results, are the main qualities with which I most identify myself, knowing new places in the field is the most exciting thing we can experience. My philosophy of life is to have God above all, my years of experience have taught me that without God in our lives adversities become darker than normal, faith is very important. I am a regular reader, my favorite book is “A Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren. One of my favorite sports is soccer, which I have loved since I was a child. My favorite phrase “FAITH, a small word but with great power”.

Oscar Danilo Calero

Senior Technician in Accounting and Auditing, also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Auditing.

Projects in development with the company:

Strengthen and develop the corporate audit area and its various areas.

To manage, establish and diversify the Human Resources area.

To provide the best and selective ideas for the proper functioning as a labor entity.

Professional life before GIG:

State Auditor General Directorate of Revenues accredited by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit.

Administrative Representative of Consorcio Inmobiliaria Avalon.

National Administrator in CEDEPER Project of the European Union.

Personal information:

“I like action and horror movies and most of all I like to listen to music, sometimes I start reading the bible or the books that they give me. I have been in Guatemala for 2 years and in El Salvador for 3 years.”

jorge Alberto Henríquez Gutiérrez

Accounting assistant (INATEC Nicaragua)

Human Services Department of Global Investments Aricor Group

Projects in development with the company:

Collect information from homeless people on the streets of the city of Diriamba to provide them with support.

Professional life before GIG:

He worked from 1998 in the plastinic company until 2012, he was a production reporter in different areas of said company, warehouse manager, incentive payment to workers, leading supervisor.

He also worked in the free zone in 2013 in Masaya and was in charge of suppliers in the production lines. I also work in the free zone of Las Palmeras as a warehouse packer.

The last job position was in the Belén home, with the position of supervisor of the educators.

Personal information:

“I would like to improve my living conditions and have social and economic stability.”

Javier Joaquín Velázquez Cerda

Senior technical accountant from the Central University of Nicaragua. Accountant of the company Global Investments Aricor Group.

Projects in development with the company:

Create accounting system of the company, this implies 3 things:

1. General catalog

2. Balance sheet

3. Budget programming

Professional life before GIG:

He worked at the TDHI Terres De Home Italia company as a financial administrative assistant. He also worked in the Avalon housing project as an administrative assistant and was general accountant for 5 years for the Guanica free zone in the Korean capital.

Personal information:

“I have been a lifelong soccer fan since I was a child, I also love to spend time with my daughter and family, we constantly organize family outings, as well as with my friends”.

Alexis Alfonso Pérez Sevilla

located in the logistics department, Graduate of a technical degree in agricultural administration, currently assigned to the logistics department.

Projects in development with the company:

Product warehousing


Purchase order processing

Load assembly (picking)

Transportation and delivery of products

Transportation tracking


Reverse logistics

Professional life before GIG:

Sales agent at Intercable

Collector at Intercable

Personal information:

“In my town as the sport of tradition is soccer, in fact Diriamba is the cradle of Nicaraguan soccer, therefore the feeling to this sport is very large, since childhood I follow the Diriangen team and every weekend I play soccer, I like to meet with my friends socialize and have a good time, but what I enjoy most is spending time with my family”.

Cesar Aristóteles Velásquez Mendieta

Cesar Aristoteles Velasquez Mendieta, Attorney at Law and Notary Public graduated from Martin Luther King Jr. Evangelical University.

Projects in development with the company:

It is in charge of protecting the assets of the company for which it is a party, as well as being crucial for the proper management of the company.

Resolution of labor conflicts

Elaboration of legal contracts of the company.

Resolution of family conflicts of the employees

Professional life before GIG:

Sole Local Attorney of Diriamba, acting as Amanuense.

Public Registry of Real Estate Property of Carazo.

Law Office Buffet Jurídico Moreira and Associate. Office of the General Directorate of Revenue DGI, in the office of Cadastre.